College Students

College Students

Enhance Your Education and Shape Your Health Care Career

MultiCare is proud to help train the next generation of health care professionals. Each year, over 1,500 college students spend time with us gaining experience in a clinical environment. We also have one of the largest and most successful RN Residency programs on the West Coast and a long-standing Pharmacy Residency. Other departments hire students and new graduates for internships or temporary assignments as needed.

To view current Residency and Internship opportunities, please visit our Job Search page. You may also be interested in one of the student programs listed below.

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Clinical Rotations / Preceptorships

These educational experiences are coordinated as part of a consortium of colleges and health care employers. For more information, contact your academic advisor. Before starting a clinical rotation at MultiCare, you will be required to complete an application, pass a background check and complete our health evaluation. This is to ensure a safe environment for you, our employees and our patients.

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Cope Health Scholars

Offered at Deaconess Hospital and Valley Hospital in Spokane, WA, the COPE Health Scholars program provides an immersive experiential education to aspiring health professionals. Students and recent graduates of 2- and 4-year colleges are eligible. Those selected become valuable members of the patient-care team alongside nurses, physicians and allied health professionals in clinical and administrative settings. They receive training to assist in basic patient-care tasks such as bathing, changing and feeding patients as they rotate among the different departments within the hospital(s).

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Job Shadows

Job shadows provide the opportunity to learn more about a specific health care profession by shadowing a professional in that field. You can learn more on our Job Shadow FAQ page. If you have already chosen a health care career and need a job shadow for admission to a specific college program, please contact us at [email protected]. We will follow up with an application and more details.

For all other job shadow requests, please contact [email protected] or call us at 235-403-1005.

MultiCare Volunteer Services
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Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to gain valuable experience while helping your community. High school and college students are eligible to volunteer in a variety of areas. We do require volunteers to be at least 16 years old and to commit to at least 100 hours of service.

For more information, contact [email protected], call 253-403-1005.

MultiCare Volunteer Services
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